Taekwon-Do Little Ninjas is a fun course designed to introduce martial arts to children at a young age (3-7). It runs in three month terms and each class has a different skill that is practiced and perfected. The skills are Kicking, Punching, Balance, Focus, Team Work, Memory, Fitness, Sparring, Discipline and Control.

At the end of each term every ninja is tested in a club grading for their next belt. Each ninja starts off as a White Belt and then moves onto Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Brown and finally Black. There is one more course then for Little Ninja Black Belts who can graduate to the more difficult Taekwon-Do classes for older students as full Yellow Belts. It can take up to 2 years to get your Little Ninja Black Belt, and then another 4 years to achieve the full Taekwon-Do Black Belt.

The Taekwon-Do Little Ninja course gives students a flying kick start into the sport and life style of martial arts. There are little ninja games tournaments throughout the year where students can compete for medals and trophies, testing their skills against other ninja clubs from around the country. As well as keeping children fit and active, the ninja course teaches respect and discipline, while at the same time students have fun learning their new skills.

The instructors are great role models, each one an expert in martial arts and an international fighter having represented their country on several occasions. Both Mr. Manning and Mr. Dwyer are members of the Taekwon-Do Irish Team, and Mr. Dwyer is the current ITF Middle Weight Taekwon-Do World Champion.

Beginners are always welcome and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, but the best thing to do is just come along and try it out!

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